Our first epub

Finally, the children’s book that Pam Hoy wrote and I illustrated, “Darius Gets It” has been published! It is available in a fixed epub version, meaning that it has the sound file that Pam narrated and some animation as well as it can be viewed exactly as it was designed to look! This one is selling on the KOBO site, currently for $4.99. Fixed epubs can also contain video, maybe down the track?

There is also what is known as a re-flowable version epub available via Amazon, this one does not include audio and has to conform to a particular format so that it can be downloaded and viewed on any device and will ‘re-flow’ to suit the screen it is being viewed on. The user can also change the font and font size to any that they prefer. I wanted the book to be available for sale on as many websites as possible. Amazon have it for sale for $4.95

Darius Gets It, will also be available as an audio story and will have the option to download the PDF version as well at a smaller cost of $2.99 – coming soon